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Recently Added Titles

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College Essay 2017

The Mircale Worker 

The Accidental Plagiarist The Myths the Truths and What it All Means for Teaching Learning 

Steve McDonald 

Life Is Beautiful 

He Names me Malala

The Heart of The Sea

2016 Graduation Information

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Altaration Part 2

Little Boy

Altaration Part 1

The Bible Continued Disc 1 

The Bible Continued Disc 2 

The Bible Continued Disc 3 

Cult of Mary 

Senior CPR Presentation 

It's A Wonderful Life - Part 2 NEW 

Messenger of Truth.asx 

Soto Presentation 

It's A Wonderful Life - Part 1 NEW 

MASH - More After School Help 

Triumph of The Cross 2015 Highlights 

Volleyball Video 

Walt Whitman 

Mary of Nazareth Part 2 

Mary of Nazareth Part 1 

Where the Red Fern Grows 

Watchmen of the Night 

Project MAST 

On The Waterfront 

The Bible Part III 

The Bible Part II 

God Is The Bigger Elvis 

The Bible 

John Adams 

Virus Video 1 

Virus Video 2 

Dive In Prayer Video 

Triumph of the Cross 

The Great Gatsby 

A Dolls House 

Death of a Salesman 


Senior Math Class 

The Tempest 

Mother Teresa 

I Confess 

Music of the Middle Ages 


The One Man Band That Went to Wall Street 

Latin School Promotional Video 

Inside The Cell 

The Case for a Creator 

The Case for Christ 

The case for Faith 

Understanding Science 

In a Split Second 

2012 Triumph of the Cross 

Sound and Fury 

Mark Twain 

2012 Graduation Information 

The Butterfly Circus 

2012 Senior Trip 

SAT Registration 


Maxed Out 

Catholicism Episode 1 

Catholicism Episode 2 

Catholicism Episode 3 

Catholicism Episode 4 

Catholicism Episode 5 

Catholicism Episode 6 

Catholicism Episode 7 

Catholicism Episode 8 

Why Toes Tap 

Changes to the Roman Missal 

Salve Regina 

Maximilian Kolbe- Saint of Auschwitz 

Math Seminar 

Witness to Hope 

Mother Teresa - Woman of Compassion 

The Crucible 

Teen Dreams 

Spreading Menance 

Out of Control 


Beast Within 

Junior Resume 

The Reluctant Saint 

Financial Aid 

The Nativity Story 

The Bells of St Marys 

Facing the Giants 


Freshman Triple A Video 2010 

Latin School Triple A Video 2010 

Theo. of The Body 1-Created for Love 

Theo. of The Body 2-Love Defined 

Theo of The Body 3-Naked w/o Shame 

Theo. of The Body 5-Truth & Freedom 

Theo. of The Body 6-Body Language 

Theo. of The Body 6-Body Lang.-Girls 

Theo. of The Body 6-Body Lang.-Guys 

Theo. of The Body 8-Marriage 

Theo. of The Body 9-Celibacy&Rel Life 

Theo. of The Body 10-Finding Vocation 

Theo. of The Body 11-Dating for Girls 

Theo. of The Body 11-Dating for Guys 

Theo of The Body 11-Dating w/Purpose 

Mozart Biography 

Viktor Frankl's Choice 

Drug & Alcohol Presentation 

Passion of Christ 

Maxed Out 



Lewis and Clark 

George Washington 

Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima 

Classics of American Literature, 1-6 

Classics of American Literature, 7-12 

Classics of American Literature, 13-18 

Classics of American Literature, 19-24 

Classics of American Literature, 25-30 

Classics of American Literature, 31-36 

Classics of American Literature, 37-42 

Classics of American Literature, 43-48 

Classics of American Literature, 49-54 

Classics of American Literature, 55-60 

Classics of American Literature, 61-66 

Classics of American Literature, 67-72 

Classics of American Literature, 73-78 

Classics of American Literature, 79-84 

School House Rock